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Facts on solar energy in Philippines have been provided by solar panel installation experts from this country. For the best advice, please click the Thumbs Up button – the highest voted answers appear at the top! If you have further questions about installing solar energy systems in Philippines, you can ask the question below and it will be submitted to our experts.

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Solar Suitability
- How suitable is the climate in the country for solar electricity


Jul 15th 2016very good 5.45 Sun hours in average 

Financial Incentives
- Feed-in tariffs and other government financial incentives


Jul 15th 2016Netmeetering support from Meralco 

Return on Investment
- What sort of return on investment can homeowners installing a solar power system expect


Jul 15th 20164-8 years 

Planning Requirements
- Government regulations relating to installations of solar power systems on homes and commercial buildings


Jul 15th 2016OK no issue