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Solar Suitability
- How suitable is the climate in the country for solar electricity


Dec 5th 2013Ideal


May 15th 2014Very much suitable as lot of sunshine and good irradience.


Feb 2nd 2017Very suitable in Pakistan as we have one of the highest Return on Investment on Solar

Financial Incentives
- Feed-in tariffs and other government financial incentives


Dec 5th 2013Number of incentives


Feb 2nd 2017NEPRA, in September 2015, issued its net-metering regulations that allow the DISCOs in
Pakistan to purchase excess units of electricity produced by the consumers, and net them off
with their consumption from the grid. Renewable energy is a long-term power solution. The
Solar PV Technology gives access to affordable electricity supply during system life.
Residential and commercial customers can switch their electricity load to renewable energy
and can slash their power bills.


May 15th 2014none

Return on Investment
- What sort of return on investment can homeowners installing a solar power system expect


Dec 5th 2013Very good return


Feb 2nd 2017within 2 years


May 15th 20143-4 years to recover initial investment.

Planning Requirements
- Government regulations relating to installations of solar power systems on homes and commercial buildings


Dec 5th 2013open policy


May 15th 2014none

Grid Connection
- Overview of the process to get a rooftop solar power system connected to the grid


Dec 5th 2013No facility from government for grid connection


Feb 2nd 2017Steps involving Net Metering

Any applicant, who meets the requirement of DG as
defined in NEPRA’s regulation, can submit his
application along with the necessary documents to the
focal person of the DISCO. All applications shall be
entertained on first come first basis. Application form to
be submitted by the applicant.

Acknowledgement of application
The DISCO shall acknowledge receipt of application
and inform the applicant whether the application is
complete in all respects or not.

In case of incomplete application form
In case of any missing information or document, the
DISCO would inform the applicant in writing, and
request him to submit the same to the DISCO office for
further review.

Initial review
The DISCO office will perform an initial review to
determine whether applicant qualifies for
interconnection facility or would require the applicant
to meet additional requirements for qualification of the

Technical issue in initial review
In case the initial review reveals that the proposed
Submission of
Within 5 working days
of receiving application
Within seven 7
working days of being
Initial review will be
completed in 20
working days
Within 3 working days
after the completion of
initial review
Net Metering Hand Book
facility is not technically feasible, the DISCO office
will return the application and communicate the reason
to the applicant. Mandatory requirement mentioned in
chapter 3 (3.B) shall be consider by the DISCO for the
technical feasibility of the DG facility.
2.E Agreement
If the DISCO office is satisfied that the applicant
qualifies as a DG, then the DISCO and the applicant
will enter into agreement. Agreement form (Schedule-I)
is attached at annex II.
2.F Confirmation of agreement
The DISCO office will send the copy of the agreement
between the applicant and the DISCO to the NEPRA
along with the application for the issuance of
Generation license.
2.G Connection Charge estimate
After the agreement, DISCO office will issue the
Connection Charge Estimate (CCE) to the applicant for
the proposed interconnection facility up to the
interconnection point including metering installation.
2.G.1 Payment of CCE
The applicant has to make the payment of Connection
Charge Estimate (CCE) as per the CCE sent by the
DISCO to the consumer, and notify the DISCO office.
2.H Installation of interconnection facility
When the charges will be paid, the DISCO office will
install and commission the proposed interconnection
facility after the confirmation of generation license to
the DG by NEPRA.


May 15th 2014off grid systems only.

Other Benefits
- Eg. Energy Performance Certificate benefits for homes in UK


May 15th 2014Relief from regular power cuts.

How much capital cost is required to install 5 to 10 KW solar system?

Oct 5th 2016 by


Feb 2nd 2017Rs75-Rs90/W

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