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Hello, We are into inverter sales, supplies and installation in Nigeria. We got your details on internet. Please provide us details of what we can be buying from you with distributor competitive prices. We also want to know what type of business relationship we can establish with you from Lagos, Nigeria. Thank you. Best regards, Dapo Jide

Nov 13th 2014 by


Aug 14th 2016Dear Mr Dapo Jide, we are sorry for replying so late...
Kindly send details of your products to our mail box or call on us...
Looking forward to doing business with you sooner 

how much is solar panel of 150w

Oct 19th 2014 by


Aug 14th 2016At the moment ranges btw 35K and 60K depends on the qualities and durability 

I am planning to install solar electric system in parent's home in a remote village in Nigeria to provide lighting and to power a small refrigeration. Is your company available to help install the necessary capacity?

Aug 29th 2014 by


Aug 14th 2016Yes we are... Furnish us with details of your parents electrical needs and location of the village... We shall be glad to deliver and promptly