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how much is the actual cost of a 250watts of a solar panel of an optimazed quality


Aug 11th 2016please direct this costing question to the suppliers 

What is Nigeria government regulations to be constructed and operated large capacity(50MW~250MW) Solar Power Generation Plant in Nigeria by foreign invetsed joint venture?

Mar 30th 2016 by


Aug 11th 2016this is a function of the electricity policy makers, kindly contact the  federal ministry of power

I want to learn how to repair and install solar energy or power, please, do you offer such opportunity for young people like apprentice?

Mar 17th 2016 by


Aug 11th 2016yes , we train on solar system design, installation and support .... we dont have repair department yet

How much pv do i need to power a small farm of 2 hecter for irrigation and catfish farming

Feb 27th 2016 by


Mar 18th 2016Dear sir , So Sorry for replying  a bit late .. 
How much Solar PV required for your small farm depend on the electrical appliances installed on your farm and ready to be powered.. 
Do you have AC power drive electrical machines ? ( all devices required Inverter for conversion , batteries , charge controllers and Solar panels)

Do you have DC Power Drive Electrical machines ?( all above mentioned energy devices required except Inverter )

Looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible .. I can be reached via and 0809090592280)


Adebisi-Brown  for Debzacchol Konsult Ltd(24Solar)

Please, do you have a list of solar electrification projects site in Nigeria? I need the list for a project work for case study selection. thanks.ade

Jan 23rd 2016 by


Aug 11th 2016contact us through our email for details of  verifiable solar and inverter projects executed , which may be useful for ur case studies

I am highly interested in the use of solar energy in Nigerian.


Aug 11th 2016contact us for details on the size of system required for you

How can I find an experienced solar instillation company for south east Nigeria? What is the approximate cost?

Dec 24th 2015 by


Aug 11th 2016please search online .... 
we are in the south western part of nigeria, we can work in any secured area of the country

how can I start a solar installation company in nigeria?

Oct 20th 2015 by


Aug 11th 2016starting of solar installation company in nigeria is a function of your preparedness ...


Oct 5th 2015 by


Aug 11th 2016what it the power rating written on your television power pack ?
how long do you need it working per day?

Je voudrais savoir si vous avez des représentants au Bénin. J'ai besoin d'un contrôleur de charge MPPT 60A ou 80A. Sinon combien coûte un tristar MPPT 60A au Nigeria ?


Aug 11th 2016please ask your questions in english