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I need to start the business of installing small home power solar systems on Pay As You Go basis. Can you pls advise how to go about it, proces, etc

Jun 13th 2016 by


Aug 14th 2016Please send a mail to us for details 

Which of these solar panel type is better in Nigeria? Mono & Poly

Jun 10th 2016 by


Aug 11th 2016mono is far better in this part of the world, it is also a function of the quality of the solar panel

how much will it cost me to power a house with four flat having three bedroom each

Jun 4th 2016 by


Aug 11th 2016dear sir/ma, the size of house and number of rooms in it , does not really determine the size of the solar power system required for such... kindly give us further details on the electrical and electronic appliances , you intend to provide electricity for in your house, duration of backup power period required at sun set till day break without  other source of charging of the batteries , based on this , we shall be able to give our professional recomendation of the size of renewable energy system needed for your house..

whats the amount of power produced by 10mw solar pv system in ogun state

May 23rd 2016 by


Aug 11th 2016the amount of power generated or produced on 10megawatts of solar pv system is a function of the following factors:

1. PV pannels arrangements ( series or parallel)

2. voltage capacity delivery of each panel connected together 

3. Size of DC cable installed along with the panels for dc current harvest

4. the amount of photo emission that is produced per second at the shining of light rays touching the electrons on the solar modules

5. type of panels installed ( mono or poly)

6. climate change 

7. accessiblitiy to sunshine array
8. quality of the solar panels

9. quality and type of solar charge controllers installed along with the solar panels..

please note that solar dc current is a passive current , which accumulates per seconds/ per minutes and per hour, with the use of mppt charge controller , amount of sun energy harvested per day can be determined over a period of time.

how many reliable fixed solar panel umonting structures fabricators are there in and around nigeria

May 17th 2016 by


Aug 11th 2016please ask your question properly...

What is the feed in Tariff offered for solar power plants in Kaduna, Africa

May 17th 2016 by


Aug 11th 2016our office is located in Ibadan , south western part of Nigeria, we are sorry , we may not have an accurate answer for power plants at Kaduna

please as today may 2016, what is the total pv installed capacity in nigeria. do we have anylarge scale solar pv power plant in nigeria and where. what is the state of things on solar pv in nigeria. any kind of programme in place to encourage pv?

May 13th 2016 by


Aug 11th 2016many competent hands are installing solar as an alternative source of  electricity in some parts of nigeria at the moment, we may not be able to give you the statistical accurate figure of the amount of solar energy systems installed in nigeria at the moment , just like out own company, we have lost counts of home users installed , the minimum solar array we recommend for home users is 600watts and we have tens of houses around the south western part of the country, by so doing , we have installed for many NGO's and private companies , market places, churches, private hospitals , etc... solar energy systems installation is in progress in Nigeria

how much the cost of solar pv that i need to power of my house with 15kw

Apr 30th 2016 by


Aug 11th 2016it is a function of the type and size of solar panels arranged to make 15kw..

What is the average cost for a 5kw solar system for residential purpose.

Apr 28th 2016 by


Aug 11th 2016kindly check with the vendors and the suppliers for appropriate answer to cost of materials....
17 pieces of 24v/300watts pannels will give 5000watts /5kw (20units of the same value should generate 6kw)
 5 to 10kva inverter usable 
 minimum of 8units of 12v/200ah deep cycle batteries required

What are importance precautions for general installation for uptimum utilisation?

Apr 26th 2016 by


Aug 11th 2016correct system design
accurate electrical load value
right system for right load
appropriate size of inverter
appropriate storage bank design