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Hong Kong

Facts on solar energy in Hong Kong have been provided by solar panel installation experts from this country. For the best advice, please click the Thumbs Up button – the highest voted answers appear at the top! If you have further questions about installing solar energy systems in Hong Kong, you can ask the question below and it will be submitted to our experts.

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Return on Investment
- What sort of return on investment can homeowners installing a solar power system expect


Dec 18th 2013Although Photovoltaics upfront cost may be higher than other energy technologies, the long-term costs are lower and the impact on the environment is almost zero.

There are a number of different factors that affect the ROI for any given PV project-
The major factors to consider are:

1.  Available Sunlight (kWh/m2)
2.  Cost of electricity from the utility provider including inflation
3.  Hardware and installation costs
4.  Local and National Gov’t incentives
5.  Financing Options

Recommended Sites
- Useful non-commercial solar websites for homeowners and businesses that want to learn more


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